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Understanding Your Needs

Not all inspections are created equal. At Tyee, our background in every facet of home building gives us the edge. We know and deliver the information you need to make an informed buying decision. Our background in Contracting, Structural Design and Project Development provides the experience to complete thorough building inspections and gives you the confidence you need to either follow through with a purchase or find a different home. 

Our inspection reports rock!

Our reports are concise and easy to understand and combined with photo's of defective areas. Many of our competitors reports are so full of fluff that can be very overwhelming and difficult to understand that you will fall asleep after the first page. To the inspector writing these novels, I believe it makes them feel more knowledgeable but we aren't writing novels. Would you rather receive the information you need in 50 pages or 25? The goal of any inspection report is to inform the buyer and we do so in a simple and easy to understand format.

Look no further

We are the top home inspection company in Washington state for a reason. Our inspectors are friendly, knowledgeable and on time. Our reports are easy to understand yet packed with the information you need for your important purchase. Our hours are flexible including weekends and holidays. Please give us a call and rest assured you have hired the right inspection company.

Good Information

Types of Inspections Offered

Inspections can vary in type and size of the building. We offer two types of pre-offer inspections, also called a pre-inspection, verbal and hand written. These are used in a highly competitive market where many offers are made without contingencies. Pre-inspections cover major systems of a building and report on major defects that could cost a buyer a lot of money.

A pre-listing inspection and mutual acceptance inspection are generally what we call full report inspections. Full reports are highly detailed and focus on every area of the home that is visible. Descriptions of defects are no limited to just major defects and pictures are included of defective areas. 

Please contact us for information on commercial and multi-family building inspections as we have options for those as well.


How much is an inspection? Well costs vary and depend on the type of inspection and the size of the building. Please call, email or text for pricing. 

How long does an inspection take? generally 2 to 3 hours 1500 to 2000 square feet in size , longer bigger homes and less for smaller ones.

What are the more common issues you find? Wood rot and other moisture damage is very common in Washington State and usually found on home 10 years or older. 

The Many Thanks I Get

"Dwight was so thorough and took the time to explain things so well that we could understand it. I highly recommend him" Lois L, Seattle

"You prevented me from buying a house that could have sucked us dry. Thanks for your thoroughness and integrity" Michael D, Bellevue

"Thanks for letting me shadow you Dwight. I really learned a lot about my new home" Mark W, Edmonds

"We like working with you because your reports are so concise and to the point. They aren't filled with additional fluff and you give my clients the information they need to make a purchase or keep looking" Taylor B, Broker

"You are a large part of my success because you are so good at what you do" Ginny M, Broker

"You were so right about the rot you found. I thought you were just being paranoid. Thank you, we got it all fixed and my house sold in two days" Ryan D, Snoqualmie

Current Promotions

All veterans and current service members get a 10% discount every day. Thank you for your service and dedication.

Latest News

Drone technology has come so far so fast we will be purchasing our first drone to aid us in inspecting tall roofs or roofs that are inaccessible due to weather or condition.

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